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Our Mission

The primary focus of Golgota Health Services, Inc. is to identify the desires of our individuals and promote self-sufficiency, choice, community participation, and live an interactive life in their community. To achieve this, we ensure maximum respect for each individual’s desires about the services they want, where and how they want to receive them.

Our Vision

We envision to become the primary provider of quality Supportive In-Home Services which promotes independence with a person-centered program that includes, but not limited to:

  • Independent Daily Living Skills
  • Permanent Supervision
  • Community-Based Recreation and Leisure
  • Medical and Health Support
  • Medication Management
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Who We Are

Golgota Health Services, Inc. is a non-profit organization that supports children, adolescents and adults with special needs in the home. We come with skills and innovation which are exciting and proactive to better the lives of our individuals and promote self-sufficiency. Trusting us is a privilege and an honor we will always remember.

We are a person-centered organization with values that respects the dignity of our clients. Treat them with love and a sense of belonging, to self-direct, and be recognized as a valued member of his community with inherent unassailable rights. The focus of our Supportive In-Home Service is to serve individuals with developmental disabilities with the collaboration of their family members, our team of well-trained professionals, and most importantly, the individual himself or herself. The goal of Golgota Health Services, Inc. is to facilitate personal growth and independence within the community of the individual to attain one’s objective and dreams. 

Golgota Health Services, Inc. makes it a point of honor to hold weekly meetings with direct support staff and individuals to better manage desires expressed by our individuals, where hobbies like cooking meals, doing common chores, dressing, and personal hygiene will be encouraged. The staff of our institution further facilitates community involvement by respecting each individual’s preferences for participation in community, cultural, social, recreational, and spiritual activities. We believe that individuals who are active in their communities tend to be happier and more relaxed.

Based on an assessment of the abilities, needs, and preferences of the individual, Golgota Health Services, Inc. shall develop an individualized plan. We regularly review the plan to ensure that as needs change, so does their plan. Plans are communicated to the individuals or their advocates in ways that best suit their communication skills. Individual plans must respect what, where, and when individuals want them, which is fundamental to the process.

For some, learning basic skills that could translate to work might be the identified goal. To assist such individuals, our staff shall craft modules that best suit the needs so expressed.

Some individuals prefer a relaxed retiree program rather than to work. For such persons, helping them identify leisure opportunities that may appeal to them and assisting them to access such opportunities, is yet another way staff shall assist individuals to achieve their dreams.